Burning Bridges

You used to have a pair of shorts that we're weathered perfectly, with an anarchy patch of the right buttcheek and one belt loop missing, but then you lost them. Those shorts got pissed, grew some scruffy facial hair, and ran away to start a punk band called Burning Bridges. Now those shorts play their honest and down-to-earth brand of fun punk in sweaty basements, and everyone bobs their heads and plays air guitar. Your shorts are living their dreams, so don't miss them, even though they miss you.
Politically charged pop-punk band with a touch of emo and hardcore punk. (ex. Young Mountain)
Location: Keene, New Hampshire
Music: http://burningbridgesnh.bandcamp.com/
Info: http://www.facebook.com/burningbridgesnh
Contact: burningbridgesnh@gmail.com

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