Control Top

Appearing in various forms in the Philly DIY music scene since 2015, the post-punk trio Control Top is a tribute to persistence and evolving through doing. Amid periods of dormancy, stylistic forays and lineup changes, singer/bassist and founding member Ali Carter was determined to keep the project going after the release of the band's demo tape. In 2017, she was joined by drummer Alex Lichtenauer (HIRS, Get Better Records) and guitarist Al Creedon (Bleeding Rainbow). Alex was searching for a new project to get involved in, while Al was rediscovering electric guitar after years of playing noise and electronic music. Now recording their debut full-length, the band has found a clear identity, blending diverse tastes to create music for a time beyond despair and naïveté.

That’s the thing with post-punk. There’s so much a band can do under its umbrella. The Slits and Devo, Pylon and Glenn Branca - these artists are all wildly different yet found a home in a genre that resists definition. Control Top gets inspiration from these wide-ranging pioneers yet remains true to the post-punk ethos of anti-imitation and the drive to create a new remedy to modern ills. The urge to resist conformity is stronger than ever, and the need for urgent, relevant music is just as strong.

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