Photo: Alysse Gafkjen for Rolling Stone

"Empath goes far beyond the sound of birds faintly chirping. They’re a band that writes songs like communing with nature, bringing all their fuzzed and tripped out idiosyncrasies into harmony. Empath began in 2016 when Garrett Koloski, Em Shanahan, and Catherine Elicson moved into a house in West Philadelphia together, with Randall Coon joining shortly after. Even with the simple vision to shred, there’s a natural sensitivity in the way Empath communicates. Between the contrast of Elicson’s lush, almost delicate vocals, Koloski’s boisterous drumming, and the half-harmonious wash of guitar and Shanahan and Coon’s synths, empath equips us with a healthy dose of emotional repose." - Em Boltz

Empath is an experimental noise pop group from west philadelphia that formed in 2016


"After having played with acts like Perfect Pussy and Allison Crutchfield, the friends formed Empath in 2015, when Emily Shanahan, 25, and Garrett Koloski, 27, moved from Syracuse into a seven-person house in West Philly, where they met Catherine Elicson, 24. Almost immediately, they were thrashing in their huge basement. “It was probably fate for us,” Catherine said. Randall Coon, 32, lived in the neighborhood and eventually introduced low-end synths to complement Emily’s keys and Catherine’s prickly guitar" -- The Fader


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