NEWS NEWS NEWS 1 November 2017

Control Top to open for Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers

Alysse Gafkjen for Rolling Stone... Read More: Empath in Rolling Stone

Get Better Fest has always been, and will continue to be, a fest organized to raise money for important organizations both locally and nationally.

We are accepting very few band applications. Please email if you would like to be considered.

We always get an overwhelming amount of band applications. I want to thank you all for supporting this event. Having said that, we'd like to mention that we are not interested in booking bands consisting of only white cis men. However, we are looking to provide a space for bands with a POC, queer, femme, and trans presence.

GBF5 will be a benefit for:

Black and Pink
"Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are outraged by the specific violence of the prison industrial complex against LGBTQ people, and respond through advocacy, education, direct service, and organizing."

Morris Home
"Morris Home supports trans and gender variant individuals as they develop the knowledge, skills and supports necessary to promote sobriety, manage emotional and behavioral difficulties, choose and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles, and develop healthy relationships with peers, family and the community. Morris Home provides a safe, recovery-oriented environment for individuals in transition from one gender to another, or those with other gender variants who may be coming from “the streets” and/or from shelter programs."

Project SAFE
Established in Philadelphia in 2004, Project SAFE is an all-volunteer grassroots organization providing advocacy and support for women working in street economies. SAFE’s mission is to promote human rights-based public health among women working in the sex and drug trades on the street in Philadelphia*. SAFE is an organization dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and survival of women on the street by providing advocacy, education and support using a harm reduction model. SAFE seeks to reduce the spread of HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among working women, promote health and safety by empowering women with relevant information and resources, and connect women to programs and services which are appropriate to their needs and interests.

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