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UNCLE "Digest to Survive" (SOLD OUT) GBR-039

UNCLE is a grindcore/powerviolence band from Prince Edward Island, Canada releasing their March 2014 release Digest to Survive through Get Better Records, Dingleberry, and Reality is a Cult. Uncle’s 6 song EP is reminiscent of some of the better groove moments from Hatred Surge coupled with the driving destructive riffs of Insect Warfare. The band, comprised simply of a bassist and drummer, hit hard with dark and morose lyrical themes of misanthropy and self-hatred on the path toward self-improvement. There’s no want of a guitar player on this release, every bass riff disproves the unspoken yet seemingly universal rule that guitars are a necessary and irreplaceable facet of aggressive music, and with the mastering being handled by Will Killingsworth of Orchid and Ampere, the tonal palette offered by this band, while minimal, is still extremely effective.
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo

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Pressing Information

screen printed covers by the sweethearts in Out of Line Press from Brooklyn.

Released in GERMANY by Dingleberry Records and U.S. by Reality is a Cult and Get Better

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