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Disipline "Sexual Heathen" cassette **SOLD OUT** GBR-044

DISIPLINE is a hardcore band from Boston, MA, playing in the same vein, with likely little coincidence, as Martin Sorrondeguy’s bands Limp Wrist and Needles. What stands out about them on their full-length release Sexual Heathen, however, are the vocals, hollered with the same overdriven bullhorn-style tonal quality as bands like Pissed Jeans and White Lung, merging tonally with guitar and its old-school overdriven sound. The band unabashedly labels themselves as BDSM, discussing it along with themes of ostracization, religious intolerance, heteronormativity, and of course, sex. The bands overt sexuality has less to do with shocking audiences as it does with free and honest expression of the bands own selfhood in the face of a society which uses repression as a tool to intimidate and force conformity on the masses. Their admirable aggression in a world that more readily encourages sexual harm than understanding and responsibility is exciting, and urgent.
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo

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