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Accidente "Pulso" cassette SOLD OUT GBR-053

ACCIDENTE is a beloved pop-punk band from Madrid, Spain. Pulso, their third full-length since their inception in 2011 features splashes of melodic hardcore in a way that sounds a little bit like fans of Daggermouth and Good Luck got really into Wake the Dead-era Comeback Kid. Mentally combine all of these influences, and then factor in that all of the songs are sung in Spanish, and the listener is left with bright, hopeful, and extremely tightly played pop-punk that opens the world of the all too common American listener who has little to no concept of punk as an international movement. The chord progressions are often major-key, both theoretically and in the way DJ Khaled describes his most important conceptual life analyses, resolving to lodge themselves deeply and permanently in your brain. The bass playing in these songs cannot be overlooked. Punk bands all too often only have their bassists doing the bare minimum, but not Accidente. Each part, especially in the low-key jammers on the record like “Yo Misma” are very deliberately formulated and placed in the song to give it a form that would completely alter the effect of the songs had they been absent or even slightly different. The vocal harmonies in these songs are what will keep you revisiting Pulso. Each song is sung, never shouted, yelled, or screamed, breaking away from a major typifying attribute of punk rock. The warmth and passion of the vocals refuse to leave you in the cold, reminding you that you are very much alive and breathing in this world.
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo

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co release with No Friends