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IN FLUX - "no more macho bullshit" (SOLD OUT)

IN FLUX is a band whose speed and intensity makes listeners feel as though the band thought that was just a little too much peace and quiet in their hometown of Portland, OR. Many pages from the handbook of the early days of Converge have clearly been ripped out and pinned to IN FLUX’s drawing board, which is to say that pretty much every hallmark of a good hardcore record exists on this demo: biting (but not blown out) guitar and bass tones, a worship of the d-beat played with urgency, and bass-led breakdowns that really make you hope that the room is feeling the wall-to-wall mosh vibe so that you don’t end up looking like an asshole when the time comes. Incredibly, you can hear all of these moments occurring in a single song. There is something quite special and urgent about the moment 45 seconds into the song “Foggy” where the floor and rack tom breakdown goes from 0-100 with a shift into a d-beat on the same drums led by an exasperated cry from vocalist Shai of “And I could get through this!” Unassuming ferocity is one of the driving forces behind this bands first release, aptly titled NO MORE MACHO BULLSHIT, stating in their feature in Maximum Rocknroll’s June 2016 New Blood section: “It’s fun to fuck with peoples perceptions on what art you should make based on your appearance or your personality. Fuck that shit.”
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo

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