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DEAF KIDS and TIMEKILLER are two bands from Volta Redonda and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, respectively. Deaf Kids have more of a noise rock thing going on, seemingly in order to make their namesake more indicative of their experience, soaking the vocals in reverb and letting them waft over the chaotic and crashing rhythms of the instrumentation. Their side of the split consists of two tracks “Limbo” and “Configuracao do Lamento,” which blend into each other. Timekiller have much more of a traditional punk sound, but they are just as distortion soaked as their peers on this record, only here, it’s pure tube overdrive over what sounds like the entirety of their master. The vocals scratch and snarl as the vocals bark “BEATING AROUND THE BUSH” on the bands opening song before bringing a driving punk riff that sounds like riding a motorcycle straight into our ever-expanding sun.
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo