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Coherence "of alternate spaces" LP GBR-073

Coherence is a hardcore band based in Oakland, CA that has been active for just over two years. We're all people of color, and embrace a spectrum of genders and sexual identities. This is important to us; the punk and hardcore community has long struggled being a safe home for people of color and queer folks, and we started this band with the intent of joining the powerful lineage of artists and musicians who refuse to be invisible and cede their space to privileged bodies.
We are influenced by many bands, ideas, and organizations. Musically we look to many 90s emo/screamo/hardcore bands for influence, primarily: Spitboy, fourhundredyears, Sleepy Time Trio, Rainer Maria, Unwound, Dahlia Seed, and One Last Wish. Lyrically (in English, Arabic, and Farsi) we speak about diaspora, assimilation, anti-colonialism, personal struggles that are exacerbated and perpetuated due to white supremacy, as well as including the narratives of immigrant families. As individuals we engage in political projects, organizing, agitating, and community building, though we don't subscribe to any ideologies or platforms as a band. Coherence includes members from many other bands including: Jabber, Long Knives, My Parade, Watercolor Paintings, Drawing Water, Ten Thousand Leagues, Pills, SOAR.

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Limited to 500
Vinyl out on Get Better Records and A-F Records
Cassette on Conditions Records

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